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The Ranch

Our ranch is located in the Little Powder River Valley in Northeast Wyoming. We are 40 miles from the nearest town, coal mine, and cell phone tower.
Our ranch has been in our family for 4 generations. The ranch was originally purchased by Cinnamon's great-grandfather and grandfather just after World War II.
When first arriving at the ranch they found no power, no water, no fences, no corrals, and only a small cabin for a house. However, the large cottonwood trees, beautiful meadows, and steady flow of the river made it an easy property to love.
With that love, time, and a lot of hard work the ranch has grown into what it is today. Scroll on to see photos of the ranch and learn more about it.

The Ranch

Our ranch is a cowboy outfit.


There are very few days when a horse is not saddled or jingled in. We value the history and character of the west by treating our help well, working as a family, and leaving the land better then we found it. We know we simply caretakers of the land, not the owners. Everything we do is to prepare that land and our business to go to the next generation. Our ranch is our third child and fifth parent.  

When you drive in to visit a hand-crafted stone barn and house build piece by piece will greet you. Surrounding you is our home ranch along the river bottom where we live. We are surrounded by cottonwood trees, dryland hay pastures, and mosquitos. This is where our house is located, where our cattle winter, and where our kids are raised.


Come April our cattle move north to a beautiful piece of property called the Emigh (pronounced Amy) Ranch. Here you will find our cattle surrounded by cedar trees, pine breaks, and rough and rocky ground. This is where our cattle will stay until January when they walk the 17 miles back home. 

We would love to show you around in person and are always accepting visitors, but understand that life sometimes gets in the way. So a short video tour of our ranch will be coming soon. 

In the meantime follow us on Instagram @boxequalranch and you can come along on our day-to-day life. 


The landscape available dictates our cattle and their lifestyle.


Our ranch is split into two different parcels in Northeast Wyoming. Our cattle spend the summer in the hills. They live in pine trees, sagebrush, and rough terrain. Water is found in small reservoirs and natural ponds that are in each pasture. In January we trail our cattle 17 miles back to the house where they winter near the river bottom in the cottonwood trees. This is where the heifers will calve and grow their baby on grass and milk before returning to the hills in May. Our cows return earlier and calve in the hills where protection is plentiful.

Our cattle are tested in both environments and we know they will excel in yours. 

Interested in seeing where your beef comes from? Give us a shout. We happily open our ranch for tours multiple times a year and can even set up a private tour just for your family. If you don't have time to make the trip out we understand and would encourage you to check the page dedicated to our ranch right here. 

Tour The Ranch

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