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Just Start

You cannot drive a parked car.

In order to drive your car, you have to get in, start the engine, put it in gear, and then (and only then) you can take off. If you forget any of these steps good luck driving anywhere! You CANNOT drive a parked car.

This is the same in business. You cannot complete a goal you haven't started. You cannot excel at something you have yet to begin. YOU MUST START. Do you have an awesome idea floating around in your head? Something that you know will work and make your ranch and business more profitable? Do you have something you want to try, but are worried about what your family, your neighbors, or even the random car on the highway might think? STOP. Sometimes we are our greatest enemy and I have a feeling this is one of those times. So here is your permission. Here is your "it's ok, you've got this" notice. Here is your chance to START chasing that big thing and start moving the needle.

Let's start this thing. Are you pumped? I'm pumped! Here are a few ideas of how to START, you can do one you can do all, but the important thing is you START. LET'S GO!


Do a brain dump and list all the steps you need in order to get this project off the ground. Need to gather fencing supplies, need to call the accountant, need to get the website built? Whatever it is write it down. Now pick something small. Something that you know will only take you a few minutes to accomplish. Phone calls, emails, or maybe just corning your spouse to finally tell them the idea. GO DO THAT THING! Small things don't take much time, but they are often the ones we put off and put off and put off. That stops today. Start with something small then move up and up the list! Start with something small so that no matter what you can say you've started.


I'm famous for this. I lose motivation pretty quickly on things, especially the daunting scary things that I think someone else is already doing and probably doing better. The only way out of this funk for me is to start with something I love. I love creating and building advertisements/websites. So I start there. Do I need a flyer, and add, to update some pictures on the website. Great, that is always my go-to. I save the scary scary phone call and the large excel file for once I'm a little more comfortable in the project. Pick something you love doing and then do it! Scratching a passion project off the list always gets me motivated to keep going and I think it will you too.


Maybe you are the opposite of me. Maybe you need to big the scariest thing on your list and GET IT DONE. Sometimes completing that scary thing makes the rest of the list look easy and then that motivates you to get it done. I can totally see that working, and if that's your vibe then go for it! Not sure what the scary thing is, chances are it's the thing you avoided writing down or wrote down and then spent a few minutes thinking "I wonder if I actually neeeed to do that?" Yup, that's probably the scary one and yup, you probably need to do it.

Regardless of how you start, just START. No seriously get in the car, start the engine, and put your dream into drive. You cannot drive a parked dream. Regardless of if you fail, fly, or just coast down the road you will be making progress and that's what matters. Failure is progress just the same as success, so don't waste time being scared of it. I can tell already failure is not in your future, so don't sweat. Just START.

Talk soon!


P.S. If you need someone to cruise with you, Winston is always game!

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