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My Top 3 Resources

We are all busy people and we all have plenty of things on that ever-growing to-do list, but I have a few resources that I think will make your life easier and I want to share them today! I'm not going to write some huge intro or tell you why I thought this post was so important, I'm simply going to go straight to the good stuff so you can start using them! They are that good!


This is hands down one of the best things we did for our business. We attending a ranching for profit school in Rapid City a few years ago and it totally changed how we look at our business. We have always been business-minded and believed in making our ranch work for us instead of us working for it, but this school gave us great tools to make that possible. If you have been on the fence about going or have never heard of the schools, GO! Click the picture to head to their website and learn more. We are also always here if you have questions! I'm happy to share anything I can.


This one is more for all you ladies out there, but men you are also welcome to check it out. Goal Digger Podcast is a weekly podcast by Jenna Kutcher and it is AWESOME! I found this podcast last winter and every morning in the feed truck I would listen along. I learned a ton about online marketing, building a brand, and growing a business all while bouncing down the road.


Everyone should read this book. I mean everyone. This is a total paradigm shift when it comes to marketing and totally worth the read. You hear all the time that the world of Agriculture needs to be better at telling their story and this book is 100% the way to get there. It will teach you a 7 step process to take you from hero to profit and we are all after the profit. Story brand also offers in-person workshops (my current bucket list item) and a weekly podcast. All are great, but the book is by far my favorite.

These three resources alone will change your business and your mindset if you take some time and use them. They are some of the best-kept secrets that I am no proudly sharing with you because you are worth it. You are an awesome business owner and these tips and tricks are only going to make you better! Do you have a favorite resource? Share it with us! Sharing is caring and its the only way we are all going to get better at in this world!

Talk Soon!


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