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Toss the Shoebox

Let's talk about the monster in the room. The one that is slowly taking over your desk, countertops, car dash, or really any other flat surface it can find. PAPER.

In today's tech-filled days, paper is still the monster that finds itself living on every surface and in every purse. From receipts to bills to just the everyday mail that shows up in your mailbox, paper can slowly consume your life if you don't GET IT ORGANIZED!

I know the stress can be unreal, but don't worry in just a few simple steps we will have you tossing that shoe-box out the window and organizing your papers in a quick and efficient manner, one that will leave you happy and carefree. What more could a person want, am I right?

Let's get started.


These can be sizeable investments, but they are 100% worth it! Check garage sales or Facebook Marketplace if you'd rather go second hand. Do whatever it takes to get a file cabinet because with no shoebox to stuff papers in you are going to need something. Once you have your file cabnit go grab some file folders. They come in about any color you'd like so go get some that scream I love organizing and you should put papers here!


Now that you have fancy folders and a fancy cabnit it is time to decide how you want to organize. On our ranch, we have a folder for every major vendor we use. Our tire shop, our feed store, our vet, they each get their own folder. Oil contracts, hunting leases, grass leases, or brand inspections, each get their own folder. This helps us to keep things year to year and be able to look back and reference any year's order or contract at any time. My advice is to think through what you use the most and then give those things their own file. You can check out our Instagram stories for a walkthrough of our exact filing system.


Now, what do I do with all the things that don't have a home? Welcome to step 3. In the past I have done monthly folders for those random receipts or single one-time purchases, but I recently switched to the ABC's and I am loving it even more. You have to do what works for your brain, but I am telling you a simple alphabetized set of folders is the way to go! It makes it super easy to find or reference the random purchase from Murdochs you didn't think you would care about.


I'm serious throw that thing out! Your accountant and banker will thank you! If you need to transfer receipts to them come tax time simple load your folders in a hanging file box and they will envy your organization and readiness. I manage most of our own bookkeeping and accounting so my account never sees my receipts, but I know if she needed to I would have no shame in toting my files into her office.

Now take a deep breath, you did it! The shoebox is gone and there is officially a place for every paper that comes into your life. (Even if that place is a trash can for the random coupons you'll never get around to using.) Doesn't it feel good? I can feel the relief and happiness through the screen as we chat. #winner

Talk Soon


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