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Jade - the backbone of our ranch. Jade works tirelessly all day to provide for over 500 hungry mouths here on the ranch. He is a horseman, a cowboy, a businessman, and above all else an amazing father and husband. 

Cinnamon - the secretary. Cinnamon helps with all sides of the business but is mostly in charge of phone calls, emails, and bookkeeping. She is a full-time stay-at-home mom, which is her favorite job, as well as a co-founder of Ranching.FYI. 

Amby - the builder. Amby is the oldest of the Lenhart boys and he loves to build. You will find him with a tool in hand and a willing spirit to pitch in and help wherever he is. 

Wells - the horse lover. Wells loves all things horses and cows. He would ride his horse with his Dad or Grandpa every day if his mother would let him. He is a true Wyoming cowboy at heart. 

Jens - the newbie. Jens is the newest addition to our crew and currently just loves to watch and learn about the world around him. We have no doubts he will be finding his path in no time. 

The Dogs - the hired hands. Jade raises border collie dogs and has become a master trainer and facilitator. He currently has 5 working dogs and Cinnamon has one non-working dog, we couldn't ranch without them 

Follow our crew and see more fo our ranch on Instagram @cinnamonlenhart

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