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Beef Steak



Sold with quality in mind our beef is only processed once a year at the end of February or the beginning of March. All orders are done as pre-orders and must be reserved by November 1st the year before butcher. A limited number is available each year so we encourage you to get in contact sooner if interest. 

New customers are required to place 1/2 down on their beef when pre-ordering and the remaining balance is due before the animal is delivered to processing. Processing will happen at Western Heritage Meats Company in Sheridan Wyoming. The buyer is responsible for the full cost of processing and that cost is not included in the price shown here. 


Please note the weight of your animal and the cost of processing does vary year to year, we realize that by charging a blanket cost your cost per pound will also vary. We try to stay as consistent as possible but even with this variation, the cost is still much lower than that of the grocery store so we hope you will still find value in the meat provided. 


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