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Our Mission


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Ranching doesn't have to be hard. This is why we are on a mission to make our lives and the lives of our customers easy. 


We are the 4th generation to call the Box Equal Ranch home and we want nothing more than to pass on a successful and profitable business to the 5th generation. But, we also don't want to miss out on their childhood, their activities, or their futures. We know you understand this and feel the same way.


This is why we are motivated every day to build a business that is easy to operate and manage no matter where we are. We love ranching and we want to do it as long as possible. So business systems, cattle that take care of themselves, and marketing made easy are no-brainers. The other no-brainer, sharing it all with you. 

From our cattle that can save you money, our dogs that can save you steps, or our marketing services that save you time we are here to help TO MAKE RANCHING EASY. 

"  What's good for cattle is good for business."

-Temple Grandin


Jade and Cinnamon

What is your favorite job on the ranch? 


     Cinnamon: Anyday I get to ride is a good day, but I mostly                    handle the business side of it all.

Pick one cut of beef to have to eat forever? 


     Cinnamon: Hamburger. It's so versatile and you can do                          so much with it.  

On days off what do you like to do?

     Jade: Go up the mountain and go fly fishing.

     Cinnamon: I love to garden and cook. 

What is your drink of choice? 

     Jade: Whiskey or beer. 

     Cinnamon: Margarita on the rocks or a good mule.

If you could meet one person (dead or alive) who is it?


     Cinnamon: Margaret Thatcher or Helen Keller



Head of Ranch Security

Roo Roo looks mean and tough but to those on his "good" list, he is a giant teddy bear. His main job on the ranch is to sound the alarm anytime a stranger drives in.Roosters' only goal in life is to become a lap dog.



Cow Relocation Director

Pippa was our first working dog and therefore she is the director of our operation. She is a natural mother and works hard to keep everyone in line, our kids included. She is the most loyal and special dog



Cow Relocation Specialist

Junie B is a workaholic. The B in her nickname stands for "busy." She knows her job and truly loves going to work each day. June is a worker. Be like June. 



Cow Relocation Specialist

Jetter is the serious one of the crew. You will recognize him as the one with tongue hanging out. He takes all of his work to heart and will work until you tell him not to. Jet is shy and steady but if you need someone to do that job Jet is your guy.



Head of Human Resources

Winston is not a cow dog, but don't tell him. We encourage dreaming. Winner loves riding along in the tractor and pickup, working in the garden, and providing the comic relief we all need.

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