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This is a flat rate for a half of beef. We estimate a quarter of beef to easily fit in a small chest freezer, however, we do not guarantee poundage. In the past, a half has been anywhere from 230 to 290 pounds of meat. We care more about the quality of the product you are getting than the quantity. Our beef goes to processing when they are ready to give you the quality of meat you deserve not when they hit a number on the scale.  All beef is grass-fed and finished on corn the last 90 days.


Order Now

- Orders placed today are pre-orders.

- Beef will be ready around March of 2023

- Pre-Orders get their choice of 3 locker plants (availbility depending).


Buyer Pays

- 1/2 down to pre-order the meat (use code 1/2Down or you will be charged the full amount)

- Remaining 1/2 month before processing. 

- Processing fee at pickup (direct to locker plant)


Our Beef are first come first serve and without a pre-order we can not guarentee you will recieve a beef. If you have questions please contact us, we would love to help you. 




1/2 a Beef

SKU: 0009
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